Valeria Cenoz

Valeria Cenoz

Valeria Cenoz


San Antonio, Texas
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Valeria Cenoz graduated from Texas A&M University. Upon graduation she returned home to San Antonio, Texas where she began working in mortgage lending. After years of valuable experience in the mortgage industry, Valeria is excited to bring that knowledge and begin a career at West and Swope Ranches LLC. Valeria’s love for the outdoors and animals comes from being raised around ranching and livestock. Valeria is also part of her family’s business, Oro Viejo International Cattle Company, which imports and exports cattle across Canada, the United States and Latin America. This experience has instilled a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and provided valuable insight to ranching practices around the globe. Valeria is an avid traveler and in her free time loves to explore new places. She is a member of the American Quarter Horse Association and the Texas Wildlife Association. Valeria is fluent in both Spanish and English, specializing in representing international clientele.

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Managing Feral Hogs in Texas

BY: Rick Taylor, Associate Broker, Wildlife Biologist The feral hog, Russian boar, Razorback, Rooter, or whatever you prefer to call it, is a topic of campfire banter and heated debate throughout Texas and much of the U.S.  From the boardroom to the bunkroom, no other creature stirs the emotions of so many people.  Sportsmen, ranchers, biologists, ecologists, and even developers ...

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Quarantined at the Ranch

by: Rick Taylor- Broker Associate/ Wildlife Biologist Hunting season has passed. The leaves have erupted, the grass is growing fast, the lawnmower is tuned, and as usual, the weed eater does not work; a sure sign that spring has arrived.  In the back of my house, in the sunroom of a converted carport, I sit each morning with the rising ...

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The Bobwhite Quail: Prince of the Pasture

BY: RICHARD B. “RICK” TAYLOR- BROKER ASSOCIATE/WILDLIFE BIOLOGIST If the white-tailed deer is considered the king of the pasture, surely the bobwhite quail can be labeled the prince.  The mottled brown quail, with its distinctive black and white striped head, can be found throughout most of Texas. Yet, many sportsmen and landowners throughout the state have been asking what’s happening ...