Vista Mineral Management

Vista  Mineral Management strives to provide clients with a proactive approach to managing their surface and mineral estate. We are able to respond to our clients’ needs across our wide range of services.

  • Mineral and Royalty Interest Acquisition and Divestiture
  • Oil and Gas Asset Review and Inventory
  • Revenue Tracking with Monthly Reporting and Analysis
  • Production Monitoring
  • Lease Maintenance
  • Surface Management
  • Royalty Audit Preparation
  • ROW and Surface Agreement Negotiation
  • Water Purchase and Sale Negotiations
  • Lease Mapping 

West of Texas


   West Of Texas isn't just the  story of a hunt, it's the story of a man who has immersed himself into the lifestyle of the outdoors. ever since hunting with his dad when he was a kid, Stephen West has been addicted to going on adventures and exploring the wild. Now, Stephen has made a career out of his passion, and when he is not working  on the family ranch he's either out hunting on his own, or guiding other hunters on some of the most challenging hunts in the North American Territories.